What has Diana done?

What hasn’t she done?

Having worked as a copywriter in advertising since 1995, Diana has lent her skills and enthusiasm to over 70 brands in 3 countries.

She’s lived in London, Johannesburg, Durban, Moscow and Barcelona in that time, but not in that order. It would be fair to say she seeks change- she doesn’t even like eating in the same restaurant twice. Unless the people are awesome.

That’s the thing about her- she loves people. She loves entertaining and surprising people. Which is why she’s a great storyteller and can move seamlessly from making a TV ad, into producing a conference. She’s quick with the ideas, crafts a headline as if it’s marble and never lets go of the details. She’s also written and edited books.

She loves to shine and loves it more when she’s on a team of stars. Her mainstays have been Ogilvy and TBWA but is always ready for new challenges in other agencies- she’s a true believer in the 360 brief.

At the moment she is particularly interested in the role of CSR and Social Media in brand ethics.