The target market is 17 to 25 – young funky and looking for a good time.

The line: “Enjoy the ride. Love the ending.”

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[column col=”1/3″]2013- When schools break up after their final exams in November in South Africa, there is a month long summer party called Matric Rage. It happens all over the country with various events. As this was our perfect target market, we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor some of the parties. To create further consumer engagement we produced a video for youtube which brought together all the parties that we had sponsored and allowed the kids to see themselves and their friends again on you tube.  It was very successful and it is going to happen year on year now, with the case study being presented throughout Unilever as “best practise.”



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2014- We produced a competition for Cornetto which was a road trip all over SA for “you and 3 of your best friends”. They certainly did  “Enjoy the ride. Love the ending.” The winners were treated to elephant rides, dolphin experiences, helicopter rides, surf lessons and a concert in Cape Town at the end. Most of them had never left their home town. It was awesome.

The entry mechanism was via text and we used radio, on-pack and and in-store media. When they went on the road trip, we also used live radio to hype it and get further brand mentions.