This was the second ANC election campaign. Nelson Mandela was leaving and Thabo Mbeki was stepping up.

Although the ANC were fairly confident of victory in the hearts of the people, there was doubt as to whether they’d actually appear at the polls in the aftermath of a successful revolution. This highly emotional imagery was meant to remind people of everything the freedom fighters had been through to win their right to vote.

 For the campaign, we did so many press ads it felt as if we were running our own newspaper. But there were many other elements too. It was a well-intergrated campaign.

Posters and  Radio were used as well as the unique Spaza Broadcasts: A selection of popular songs put on CD, and given out to rural shop keepers. The ANC radio ads were placed in between the songs, as they would be on a normal radio broadcast. These were then played at the shop and all customers would hear them.

In order to reach the most rural of people, we even printed our message on matchboxes and given out at rural shops. This meant our message reached even the oldest people in our target market- an important group as the campaign addressed legacy.

My line was used again in the latest election campaign in April 2014